Friday, May 15, 2009

Women's Services in Nova Scotia: Asking for our politicians' support

I thought I would share the letter we are sending to all the candidates in the 2009 Nova Scotia election. So far we have received positive responses from Liberal, NDP and Progressive Conservative candidates, including two provincial party leaders (Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter).

Women and Girls Matter
Women’s Centres Make a Difference!

There are eight Women’s Centres in Nova Scotia, serving 10,000 women and girls annually in Antigonish, Truro, Sydney, Sheet Harbour, New Glasgow, Lunenburg, Cornwallis, Yarmouth and surrounding areas.

Why are Women’s Centres important?

Women’s Centres…

-Offer woman-directed services, resources, referrals, information and programs
-Are safe, accessible and open to women and girls
-Contribute to community development through education, training and capacity building
-Are guided by women’s experience and knowledge

Why is it important to adequately fund Women’s Centres?

-There is an increasing demand on Women’s Centres’ services
-Adequate and competitive salaries are needed to attract and retain qualified staff
-Investing in Women’s Centres means investing in the wellbeing of Nova Scotia’s families and communities

Women’s Centres are a solid social investment. They need adequate funding so they can continue making a difference in the lives of women and girls.

Where do you stand?

If elected I will support Women’s Centres’ request for fair, competitive salaries.



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  1. This is absolutely something I support. Indeed, with just eight in the province, it seems as if too few communities in Nova Scotia are adequately served by Women's Centres. Government needs to take the lead in developing community level resources of all types.

    David Croft,
    Candidate for the Green Party of Nova Scotia in Dartmouth South-Portland Hills