Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CCPA Alternative Budget worth checking out

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternativs is a research organization that focuses on issues of social and economic justice. One of their ongoing projects involves creating Alternative Budgets that critique and offer alternatives to federal and provincial budgets. I recently looked at the 2009 Nova Scotia Alternative Budget, "Responding to the Crisis, Building for the Future," available here:


Described by its authors as a "blueprint for change," the 2009 Nova Scotia Alternative Budget (NSAB) offers policy recommendations in the areas of democratic transparency, fiscal responsibility, education and training, child care, income assistance, women's services, affordable housing and sustainable energy and transportation. The policies it proposes are centered around the principles of economic justice, social justice and ecological sustainability, and all plans are clearly costed out.

This budget has helped me put things in perspective when looking at the different parties' platforms in this election. Imagine what Nova Scotia might look like if there were real investments in social infrastructure...

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