Friday, May 29, 2009

Who's supporting women's centres?

Over the past three weeks, Women’s Centres Connect! has contacted candidates across Nova Scotia with our request for fair, competitive salaries for women’s centres.

We have heard from our province’s political leadership on this issue.

  • New Democratic Party leader Darrell Dexter pledged his support, and the NDP platform includes increasing and stabilizing funding for women’s centres and transition houses.

  • Liberal leader Stephen McNeil signed our pledge and told us he supports fair and competitive salaries for women’s centres.

  • Green leader Ryan Watson announced that he and his party will support an increase in women's centres' salaries and an annual cost of living increase.

  • Progressive Conservative leader and Premier Rodney MacDonald told us his party will maintain funding at last year’s levels for community organizations.

As of May 29 we have received positive responses from 16 Green Party candidates, 10 Liberal candidates, 18 NDP candidates and 4 PC candidates (see poll results below).


  1. Will the names of the candidates who provided a positive response be available? I would be interested to know who in my riding felt it was an important issue!

  2. Wayne McKay here. I am the NDP candidate for Cape Breton South. I am one of the candidates who provided a positive response. I think that candidate names and ridings should be posted on here. It's important that people know how their candidates feel about this issue. If anyone has any questions for me, please contact me at