Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rodney MacDonald responds to women's centres

This morning, Connect! received a letter from Rodney MacDonald responding to our request for fair, competitive salaries for women's centres.

"If re-elected," said the Premier, "our government will continue to support the women's centres of Nova Scotia."

Funding for women's centres is not in the Progressive Conservative party's electoral platform. However, the letter states that the party plans to "protect" (or freeze) funding for community organizations funded through Community Services, which include women's centres.

MacDonald's letter also says that "we will do what we can within the confines of balancing a budget" to help women's centres.

In other words, the PC party and its leader are maintaining current funding for women's centres - but with no promise to increase salaries.

Our struggle, then, is far from over. We will need to keep working to ensure that women's services receive adequate and sustainable funding, and that the needs of women and girls are prioritized in provincial budgets.

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