Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you! Let's move forward in the struggle...

Dear friends and allies,

On Tuesday, Nova Scotians elected the first NDP government in Atlantic Canada. With a majority of 31 seats, Darrell Dexter’s party has been given a strong mandate to serve our province for the next four years.

There is unprecedented political will to address issues facing women and girls in Nova Scotia. Nearly half of our new MLAs have pledged their support for women’s services, and Darrell Dexter has committed to investing $500,000 in women’s centres and transition houses.

We must keep the momentum going to make sure women and girls don’t disappear from the political agenda. We know where our elected representatives stand on the issue of adequate funding for women’s services—now we must hold them accountable for the commitments they made during the election campaign.

Thank you for your support and solidarity! Let us move forward with hope and determination to continue the struggle for a world in which women and girls are safe, valued and empowered.

In solidarity,

Betsy/the Connect! campaign

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