Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Elect a Woman-Positive Legislature in Nova Scotia!

Dear friends and allies,

The Women’s Centres Connect! campaign to increase support for women’s services is entering its final week. So far we have received positive responses from over sixty political candidates including the leaders of the Liberal, New Democratic and Green parties.

While we are pleased with these responses, many candidates have not yet responded to women’s centres’ request for fair, competitive salaries.

We need your help over the next week to secure these candidates’ support. The following is a list of candidates who have given positive responses to our campaign (there are 71 in total). Are your candidates on this list?

It’s time to put the pressure on our politicians to support women’s services!

Annapolis – Jamie F. L. Spinney (Green), Stephen McNeil (Liberal)

Antigonish – Miles Tompkins (Liberal), Maurice Smith (NDP)


Bedford-Birch Cove – Kelly Regan (Liberal), Brian Mosher (NDP)

Cape Breton Centre

Cape Breton North

Cape Breton Nova

Cape Breton South – Cathy Theriault (Green), Wayne McKay (NDP)

Cape Breton West

Chester-St. Margaret’s – Ryan Cameron (Green), Jo-Ann Grant (Liberal), Denise Peterson-Rafuse (NDP)


Colchester-Musquodobit Valley – Gary Burrill (NDP)

Colchester North – Judy Davis (Green), Lorenda Ebbett (Liberal)

Cole Harbour – Tony Ince (Liberal), Darrell Dexter (NDP)

Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage – Denise Menard (Green)

Cumberland North – Aviva Silburt (Green), Ernest Fage (Independent)

Cumberland South – Don Tabor (NDP)

Dartmouth East – Andrew Younger (Liberal), Joan Massey (NDP)

Dartmouth North – Trevor Zinck (NDP)

Dartmouth South-Portland Valley – David Croft (Green), Marilyn More (NDP)


Eastern Shore – Sid Prest (NDP)

Glace Bay – Todd Pettigrew (Green), Myrtle Campbell (NDP)

Guysborough-Sheet Harbour – Amy Florian (Green), Lloyd Hines (Liberal), Jim Boudreau (NDP)

Halifax Atlantic – Anthony Rosborough (Green), Jim Hoskins (Liberal)

Halifax Chebucto

Halifax Citadel – Ryan Watson (Green), Gerry Walsh (Liberal)

Halifax Clayton Park – Amanda Hester (Green), Diana Whalen (Liberal), Debbie Hum (PC)

Halifax Fairview – Jane Hester (Green), Brad Armitage (Liberal)

Halifax Needham – Maureen MacDonald (NDP)

Hammonds Plains-Upper Sackville – Shawn Redmond (Green), Mat Whynott (NDP)

Hants East

Hants West – Sheila Richardson (Green), Barbara Gallagher (NDP)

Inverness – Nathalie Arsenault (Green), Michael MacIsaac (NDP)

Kings North

Kings South – Ramona Jennex (NDP)

Kings West – Leo Glavine (Liberal)

Lunenburg – Pam Birdsall (NDP)

Lunenburg West – Emily Richardson (Green), Mark Furey (Liberal), Gary Ramey (NDP)

Pictou Centre – Jim Lindsey (Green), Ross Landry (NDP), Pat Dunn (PC)

Pictou East – Robbie White (Green), J. Ed MacDonald (PC)

Pictou West – Paul Landry (Liberal), Charlie Parker (NDP)

Preston – Janet Sutcliffe (NDP)

Queens – Stuart Simpson (Green), Vicki Conrad (NDP)


Sackville-Cobequid – Jessica Alexander (PC)



Truro-Bible Hill – Bob Hagell (Liberal), Lenore Zann (NDP)

Victoria-The Lakes

Waverly-Fall River Beaver Bank – Percy Paris (NDP)

Yarmouth – David Mooney (Liberal), David Olie (NDP), Richard Hurlburt (PC)

If you are a political candidate and would like to be included on this list, please send an email to betsypd@gmail.com.

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